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Saturday July 27, 2019


Traditional hot rods are cars constructed in the iconic style of classic hot rods that were built between 1920 and 1964. They are time capsules resisting the temptation of change or modern upgrades. This is how it was done and this is how we will continue to do it. Using finite technology and a dwindling supply of original parts, we soldier on re inventing and re imagining what we can do. Like a puzzle with a thousand solutions and only a limited number of pieces, we continue to adhere to the principles of traditional hot rod building while staying withing a self imposed box. Yet we continue to build unique and amazing cars that embody the values, principles and personalities of each individual creator. We are not influenced by fads, we have created them. We are not changed by the winds of time, rather we have changed the times. We are driving the past into the future.





We are driving the past into the future TM

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